Michelle P.

Part 1: History

I was born and raised in Virginia.  All of my schools from kindergarten to the community college (AAS in Computer Technology) are all in Virginia.  The majority of my family was born in and around Virginia. There are eight siblings total (one sister before my parents;  four sisters between my parents; and one sister, one brother and one step sister) after my parents.    As a child I love to ride my bike, play football, kick ball, play in the stream in the back of our house, play on the playground, go camping and read (I loved going to the library) and I still do. 

As a teenager, I started working at 13 years old and 8 months in a Mexican Restaurant.  At Age 17, I started working for the Government in a co-op program as a typist and worked my way up to a higher position and retired from government in August 2012.  In addition, I worked retail for a department store and as assistant banquet manager at a private country club for a few years in my life and I loved it.

I got married the first time right after school.  Years later, I had two children (girl and boy).  In 2011, I became a grandmother and I love it!  Then I remarried six years ago and became a step mom (boy and girl).  By the way, I almost forgot to mention that before my step-daughter started college this year, shetold me (from her heart with tears) you showed me love all the time and I didn’t I know it.  That made me feel really good inside.  My step son is coming around more after an adult talked with him this year.  He is very close with his mother.   

I’m a spiritual person.  I was baptized at 17 years old and then again at 51 years old. Note:  two different beliefs. I love my ministry.

When I was young, I remember asking my mother “what can I be when I grow up”.  She replied, “Whatever you want to be.  When my parents divorced, my mom worked extremely hard.  I watch her set goals and accomplished them. She was very determined.  I believe my determination came from my mom.  My mom would help anybody if they needed help.  She often left me in charge of things while she worked. My mom died when I was 29 years old.

My dad worked hard and knew everybody in town.  He loves to talk.  My dad is still living and has Cancer.

Somewhere on my journey I wanted to own my own business and work for myself.  I guess this lead me to retailing art from other artists.  As I mention earlier, I became determined to retail my own art work and I created appliqué quilt patterns.  On my quilt journey, I have been commissioned to make traditional quilts (stars and log cabins) and I have sold quilts in my sister store about 2 years ago.  She is waiting for more because one of her steady customers has asked for more quilts but life happened.  My goal is to start selling my work again.

Part 2: Process

As I stated earlier, I have a love for the Creator and the creation.  

How do I work?  Before taking this class, I would go in the studio and take a guess on what I wanted to make and then go for it.  Most of this was traditional type quilting.  I believe I got bored.  I started taking quilt classes on Craftsy and Quilt University before the founder died.  Jane, I watched you on the Quilt Show and that lead me to take your Craftsy class on dying fabric.  Then I visited your website and wondered about the classes you offered and decided to take this AST. 

The techniques I mainly used were machine quilting, raw edge appliqué using the zig zag stitch and working with fusible webs and stabilizers. 

Part 3: Content.  What do you care about!

I have a love for the Creator and the creation.  I will be using my Art work to display creation.  I am fascinated with the beauty and movement of creation.  I am excited about this!  

In conclusion, I have worked hard all of my life.