Mary G.

I loved seeing the discussion that each of us fascinating; I believe it too. But I doubt that is something I can distill into a bio; but I will work on an artist statement. You can hit the highlights that are relevant, that pique interest to learn more about someone.  I think I am fascinating, but it is the sum of my adult life that makes me so, not a paragraph or two or prepared speech or sound-bite. It is in the knowing that truths are revealed. That said, I do agree that I would want to be prepared for a witty comeback to Garrison’s no doubt short-sighted observation. We know you are fascinating Jane!

I believe conversation is an art, not a competition (like it was with my in-laws). It is rare to find a me-me-me-talk-talk-talkers that are fascinating in a social setting. I have never understood why a person wants to dominate a conversation talking about themselves with virtual strangers. It is different when the context is an intimate conversation of self exploration between close friends trying to find deep truths or just to be heard by a sympathetic life traveler. Okay, I mean with women!

What my in-laws knew about me was minuscule; they were always broadcasting and not receiving. When my mother-in-law said she needed hearing aids, I told her she had a listening problem, not a hearing problem. Not sure she “heard” me.  (Funny that the hearing aids she returned proved my point) She meant well, rest her soul.

 A church bill-board near me has an interesting quote posted “we don’t judge you, don’t judge us”. Words to live by.  First  impressions, subject to change with new information. Listening and observing and accepting the new information; a lesson that I starting learning later in life.  


I know the lessons emphasize that it is important and relevant, but I have no will or interest to wade thru my childhood and teenage years. I just don't understand what clarity this will bring?  My life up to 19 when I left home was happy, shaped my values and personal integrity, but is history I don’t vividly recall or want to revisit. Chapters closed,. I am not sentimental and my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all long departed. Too many miles and different life choices separate me and my cousins and distanced from all but 2 childhood friends have had similar paths in my adult world. I’m just not convinced visiting those years impacts my artistic path.

Plus, I feel my formative life started when I moved west. The best analogy I can provide is being assigned the wrong gender; I was born into the wrong geography. I never would have found me if I hadn’t left my childhood home. My only emotional regret is that I didn’t verbally thank my parents for the courage of letting me go. But they knew.

Every time I lose my way in life, it is because I need to commune in my outdoor sanctuary du jour and find myself again.  And when I bring that content into the studio, I know that my alignment will just be one more aspect of my fascinating story that I will likely never tell anyone but my journal. As Elvis sang  “A little less talk and a little more action”.   Off to the studio I go, which isthat scary blank slate with the completion of my latest project on Friday and begin the making of the interesting path I have been writing. And then that renewal of a hike today before the snow flies later this week.