Michelle P.


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for Art. I was born and raised in Virginia, where I still reside today. As a child I loved to play outdoors, and appreciated the beauty of the world around me. In school, I earned an AAS in Computer Technology, and worked 34 years before I retired. I still enjoy pursuing time on the computer. 

 In the mid-90s, I agreed to take a quilting class with a friend, because I’d purchased my first sewing machine at a yard sale, hoping to learn to sew one day. My first day in class was my last day in class. I still remember the instructor saying “fold your fabric selvage to selvage.”  I asked, “What is a selvage?”  My friend said “Let’s just watch what everybody else is doing.”  The instructor said we needed a beginning quilting class. When I think back, I still laugh.

In 2004, I finally learned to quilt! My first quilt was a North Star wall hanging. I’ve made many traditional quilts and sold them, and also make quilts for family and friends. Later, I was inspired by Art Quilts. I was not surprised, because of my love for Art in general. Making art quilts expands my creativity. I currently create Zyland Arts Appliqué quilt patterns, which are sold at www.zylandarts.com.


I work with fusible web (a heat sensitive adhesive)- creating raw edge appliquéé, using a sewing machine zig zag stitch.  The design process is especially important – it allows me to expand my creativity (using the visions in my head as inspiration.) Both my sketch pad and camera are valuable tools for designing and recording my work.

I’m also absorbed by the process of dyeing fabric.  Manipulating the fabric to create patterns is fascinating; I’m cautious with mixing colors - they need to be just right! I’m determined to make colors and patterning work - and I love it!


I love Nature. It connects me to the Creator. I am fascinated by formations, colors, growth, movement, calmness and the intensity of it all. My Art honors all Creation. 

Michelle P.

Quilt Artist