Mary G.

I come from a family of craftsman, and as the gender driven norms dictated, I was taught to sew. It stuck, primarily because it provided me with clothes and later home furnishings that were distinctive. Quilting was a natural transition after I married. My first quilt was decidedly traditional with a twist and was one of the rare patterns I ever followed. I quickly I developed a flair for machine stitch and often lose myself as the glorious texture pools around the needle; stitch is my bliss.

Equal measures of experience and intuition gently guide my fiber art, but the fabric itself leads me and I follow the message it whispers as I choose from the copious tools gained from a decade of surface design experimentation. Adding and subtracting color are current favorites, all enhanced by the ever prominent stitch.

When not in the studio, I am communing in the great sanctuary of the outdoors; tromping from high mountains to the red-rock canyons that are my spiritual home. My passion is to transform the essence of my sacred geography onto cloth.  Trail miles and stitch miles, what a perfect union; join me on the journey.