Deb S.

I grew up an only child in what would be considered a traditional home during the 1960's - A stay at home Mom and hard working Dad. Mom was always sewing anything from clothing to beautiful and dramatic home decor items. I spent my childhood surrounded by color, bold design, and unlimited creativity. The environment of my youth greatly impacted who I've become. I am my Mom. 

As an adult I developed a skill set of my own. Experimenting with painting, quilting and photography to mention a few but the fire of passion did not ignite until I discovered I could combine all my loves to create textile compositions. Today, I use photography as a map as I paint my images onto cloth which will eventually be layered with various fibers, free motion embroidery and quilted. I look for opportunities to layer these compositions adding interest and mystery with each addition. 

It is the use of color, light and shadow that moves me - stops me in my tracks and draws me in. I am truly affected by my environment and the simple beauty, abundant color and texture all around me. It is those simple joys I seek to share thru my work. 

Jane,  I have to say that writing a little poem as you suggest to us helps focus my thoughts so much! Who knew writing and poetry would make such a difference!  Thank you so much!