Theresa F.

What do I care about - oh so much, so much - there is no shortage of things, stuff and ideas that I care about - from interest, curiosity, love and passion.  I feel very much like a renaissance woman - I find everything interesting, sometimes fascinating.  Hehehehe... The first sentence in part 3 resonated with me - feeling conflicted ( for me it's a clear cut fear) about making a choice , about risking missing out on an opportunity.  HA! that s me - I become stuck, and am unable to choose and unable to make a decision.   

And that's my challenge.......

Mining content:  working through the exercise I came back to some ideas that had been ruminating for the longest time with me - and that have had previous tentative steps taken to explore them.  The exercise has helped to galvanise my thinking and given me a more disciplined approach to working with the idea.  

Part of stream of the consciousness writing revealed a commonality around beginnings, basics and fundamentals - kind of an obsession with 'building blocks' in all their widest and broadest contexts.  The ideas that have been ruminating for some revolve around elements like fire and ice - so this is where is I am starting - a series about the elements.

So to translate and say something about the elements - in textiles - that's now percolating.

Thinking and planning - I've got the beginnings of the visual elements - tentative words/ideas, I have started to think about the tools and equipment I could use and what is needed.  At this point I'm thinking that I could actually produce some samples and play with the ideas with what I have now - on hand and the colours are fairly clear cut - although as I was thinking it through - I realised that while blue and white are associated with ice - equally they can be the colours of flames  - and this connection is interesting to me.

This exercise has been brilliant to undertake as I have been able to retrieve a 'stalled' idea and have now had some steps to help me take it forward.