Jean D.

Week 7

Part 1 Thinking
I have a few weeks of time now at home to make time and think.

This week I spent time with a friend and maker who is a giver, talented and supremely creative. She is a definite on my committee, a fantastic role model.
She saw what I was doing and gave encouragement. She said what I wanted/needed to hear. 'The small pods that you are making are good. Look beyond, go bigger, make lots, develop.'

2. Writing. What do I care about?
There are 2 lists here for me a) as a creative and also b) a social being. Of course they overlap.

Open landscape
Big skies
Architecture which reflects the above
Surprise in art and created spaces
Developing > pushing the boundaries > striving for something different.

Positivity Belonging
Fear of exclusion Being proactive

Order, positivity and the desire to be proactive should also be in the first column but can be problematical....areas I have to work on.

3. Cultivate and Embrace

I want my work to
Stand out as something original,
Interest, surprise, amuse the person who sees it.

4. Prioritise
A larger 'architectural' piece comprising many smaller parts with elements of surprise within these.

Thank you for reading Jean