Maureen M.

I am feeling very scattered this week, many family obligations, not enough time for writing and thinking.

Things that speak to me and engage my attention are - trees, lines, the ocean, mountains, colors and stitches.

I like the part of the essay that says, "You have the right to create distinctive, satisfying work". But how can I make MY work distinctive? 

What I care about are color, lines, shapes, creating, working with fabric and thread, eco dyeing, hand stitching. 

Cultivate and embrace: I have been eco dyeing with plants from my garden, some beautiful things have happened, also some not so beautiful but I get excited waiting to see the results.  I have also started a small hand stitch sample book.

Prioritize- early days but I am working on a series  of small 8x8 hand stitched trees. Made notes of the types of trees I like, looked through my books for ideas, thought about backgrounds and colors. Thinking about how I can incorporate my eco fabric.

This coming week is also busy with family, I really hope I can make enough time for writing, I find I am missing it a lot.