Heidi F.

Making work distinctively your own.

I am not a natural writer, and I had to mull this week over a bit. I have been unwell all week due to some medication and struggled to get started.

However, I enjoy the free association list making. I wrote down a list of about 20 things that I care about, among the top were the sea. I wrote another list of free association listing the visual elements. Immediately images started popping up in my head. I took my camera and went through photes from last year's holiday by the coast. 

Delving into my supplies, it was fun to find the different coloured fibres, threads, beads and various bits collected from the beach (my husband thinks I am mad, as I am forever looking for something ie bits of fishing rope, shells, glass, driftwood etc) to give a different dimension. I have started to lay out the base for a felt wall hanging. 

I enjoyed following this process, as sometimes I would just go with the flow and with whatever was in my head at the time. Still need to practice writing and drawing. Did short sketches of the seascapes, just to give me some ideas. I have allowed myself time to read books and doing a bit of research online for different techniques, so that I have more to work with and get better at what I want to do.