Julie S.

I’ve struggled to focus about the topic this week. Me being me dismissed the obvious signs of my uniqueness and my series and thought I needed to go to a different place all together. My uniqueness is my humour and how I present this using my drawings and characters. The Temptress, the chickens, the things I see everyday that other people may miss or dismiss but are a rich source of amusement for me. This weeks topic has been, dogs hanging out of cars and vans barking madly at anything and everything. I haven’t documented this yet, but it’s in my head, waiting to come out. And there it is, the series. I have sketchbooks filled with such observations. But I also have sketchbooks filled with drawings I’ve done while on the beach and outside, colour studies of places and weather. There seems to be such a difference between the two styles. I got a quilt into an exhibition based on the latter. Yet the former gives me so much ore pleasure and I feel is so much more unique. A few years ago I had 3 pieces of papier mache in an exhibition. I was looking at themin the cabinet and got chatting to a man who turned out to be oneof the judges. He said that as soon as they unwrapped them they all started smiling and just had to put them in. During the discussion I said my usual depreciating remarks about my work and his reply went along the lines of “oh you’re one of those people who are talented and find things like this easy so have to over complicate them aren’t you?” Had to admit, yep, that’s me. So my plan is to grab the rebel, because this week I’ve managed to book myself out of the studio all week. Once to see a friend I’ve not seen for 18 months, and once to garden for my sister in law. This takes up my 2 full days allocated a week for myself. I need to get upstairs and get playing with these ideas I have in my head.

How does that song go….rebel rebel put on your dress….