Ginny G.

For the past couple of days (in spite of a flu that I have been battling for 2 weeks—at least a week or more to go they say) I have been working my way through Parts 1 – 3 of Week 7.  I believe in this process.  I have not been thrilled with my writing and work so far but deeply understand that I have only begun.  So, on I go…

Until I am writing on Part Two—determining subject and process for a series; planning to work small until I feel more confident—and what should crop up but that committee voice doubting the value and weight of what I am saying and thinking.  That voice asking me what importance any of this has.

I don’t think I have to go back to the beginning but feel stopped and stuck.  Probably the flu (which has been muddling my brain and feelings) caught when visiting my father in Florida (the original Committee Voice although he is not that anymore) has influenced my process.

I have decided to give myself time.  I will stay open and let random inspiration and thoughts float in without judgement.  And I will forgive my Committee without accepting the negative judgement.

I will be drifting here as I revel in and enjoy postings from everyone else.  Hope to be back to my self by Week 8.