Cleo C.

Making Distinctive Work

Gorgeous Gourds

             A visit to a local farmers’ market reveals a panorama of colours, textures and shapes to delight the eye and inspire creativity.  I want to try to focus attention on the beauty and variety of the local foodstuffs to which we are so accustomed and consequently often do not really appreciate.  In so doing I hope to help to keep them visible and important in our local cuisine.

             My idea is to create a banner that could form part of a display at a local community fair or similar occasion.

          In this week’s submission I am attempting to highlight an example of one group of plants that comes to our table.  It is just a trial piece that could be included in the banner showing a larger variety of fruits and vegetables.

          I have used appliqué, fabric painting, some hand stitching, and cyanotype remnants to see how they work together to highlight these spectacular and sometimes silly members of the Squash family, many of which are edible, while others are only used decoratively.