Betsy M.

Living in a Time Warp: Gee's Bend Revisited

Living in a Time Warp: Gee's Bend Revisited

I think I am at the place where I am in sync with my work. It’s refreshing to discover that whittling down to focus on one thing is a plus. 

      I had been weaving for about two months when I saw the Gee’s Bend Quilt Exhibition in Asheville NC and learned about the lives to the Gee’s Bend quilters. I was awestruck by the grit and determination of the women of this poverty stricken, rural community in Alabama and their ability to support their families by making and selling the most primitive of primitive quilts. I turned to my loom to distill their message through my weavings. I named this collection “Living in a Time Warp: Gee’s Bend Revisited”. 

      I have gone on to create another collection, “Layer Upon Layer” which explores layering plain weave on top of plain weave using a two harness loom. 

      The common theme within each collection will create cohesive presentations when I submit work to be juried. 

After thinking about this some more I realize that some things that make my work distinctive are the materials and techniques I use in my weavings. 

      They include: 

          My hand dyed/ shredded, repurposed silk clothes

          Personally selected fleeces/ hand processed/ hand dyed/ and hand spun by me

          Sari silk waste from factories in India (looks like dryer lint) hand spun by me

          My selection and use of silk yarns made by women in co-ops in India from sari silk waste

Using these, I achieve a wide range of textures and variety of colors that are set off by the unusual ways in which I weave them, creating movement and energy within my work.