Pam L.

Beginning the Search for Distinctive

This week I carved out a Sat solo escape to wander an Art Fair in Bonita Springs, knowing I had an urge to view as much abstract work as possible, since that always sucks me in, in that environment. I spoke with several of the artists about their work as well, and looked at MY emotional reactions to forms and colors.

Trying to crystallize in my mind, what Colors draw me in, that might be in my head, that may make my early (and changing) work distinctive.  A bit too early to tell. But I do know what colors call to me.  I spent more time thinking about that this week, than the Processes used to make my work.

I began playing and experimenting with acrylics and cheap paper, and limiting myself to just a few color variables, making a pile of stuff, some of which I could see the seed of Content in... Some not. Some of that here:

So. A bunch of different "play" paintings, and color tests.  I am beginning to get a glimpse of color patterns as I go, but it is just the Beginning! My goal this week, as I continue with content contemplation, is to do more free association with the Emotional vs the Visual.

Meanwhile I must say that already my prior action plans are changing and evolving - and the Knowing that I am Doing! something is so refreshing and energizing.  Having the rush of IDEAS to try - is such a wonderful place in my head to be, vs the Inertia (of fear, or committee-driven pressure, or whatever).

It's also occasionally mentally overwhelming and exhausting!