Nancy N.

Exploring how a sense of place influences my art

I photograph :

  • landscapes, details of landscapes
  • buildings, parts of buildings
  • gardens, flowers

Wherever I am, I have a map-sense of the place. I read maps as a first step of planning a trip — how far, how close, distance between.

FOCUS:  A sense of place (actually, my places) plays out in 9 collaged places stitched together as a 9-patch. The following describes the first patch.

Visual Elements

  • landscape — the island where I live
  • map — from here to the ocean
  • landscape details — the house and the treasure


  • planning the first, then the nine patches — leave out some element in each patch, an element that can be added when all patches are finished, an element to tie the nine together. The element could be a thing or a technique or both.
  • research — learn more about each landscape; map it
  • design & color planning so all nine coordinate
  • photography & photo-printing
  • painting
  • collage, appliqué, stitching, felting, etc.

Symbolic Colors

  • brown is the earth and the house
  • green is the garden
  • blue is the water
  • what color is the treasure?