Janet C.

Loads of thought has gone into this! It has really stretched me! Great!

This is a shortened version of what I have been writing about this week. Not because I don't want to share with everyone, but because I don't want to bore them!

What do I care about? 

A long list in 10 minutes, resulting in me choosing 3 topics that really caught my attention, and incorporated some of the words in the list.

Hares. But I've worked with them a lot. Time for a rest.

Trees. An old love, but heart and mind say go for it!

Grasses and wild flowers. They gave been my inspiration before, but I found them difficult to organise into a coherent design. 

Part 2. Trees.

Again, a long list of visions, feelings, thoughts, and memories.

Culling. Difficult. Which way to go? Plenty more thought.

Silhouettes. Reflections. Old trees, twisted and gnarled. Loss of trees through disease.

Oaks, stag-headed, young or ancient.

Texture of bark.

Anything missing?

Everything I first thought of. Feelings, things I love.

What additional elements spring to mind? Backgrounds to enhance and contrast with my tree images. Foreground detail. Balance of design. Depth of design to reflect depth of feeling.

Skill assessment. Hand dyed fabrics, machine and hand stitching. Organza - layering and burning back. All on canvas, framed. Planning designs from sketches. Collage. Appliqué. Commercial fabrics, cottons, scrim, velvet. Manipulating all these.

Symbolic colour. Not just greens and browns! Reds, blues, golds - "unreal" colours to convey my happiness and excitement.

Next step is to sketch my ideas, jury them, then draw up full size designs and audition fabrics. Pity I have to sleep sometimes!