Jackie K.

I think I mentioned in my introduction that I find it hard to say I am an artist, coming from a very scientific background. This week’s essay and tasks highlighted what this course has been doing for me – showing me it is ok, I am an artist, and I am in tune with all we have been learning and discussing.

The tasks this week reminded me what I know – that I am working with a focus already now – but it has taken me 2 or 3 years to get there. Stumbling along over that time gradually building realisation of what I really want to do and why and how different that is to casting around for different inspirations. I’ve tripped up a few times and at times been very unclear but have got a good place- for now anyway. But importantly I also feel I am building the skills and insight to get myself back there when needed in the future.

So this week’s essay crystallises what has been going on – and like so many of the past weeks reinforces and clarifies the importance of all we have been talking about. Going with what matters to me not others, not rushing, taking time to think and write……