Marilyn H.

Distinctively my own

By aligning -  what I like to do, what I am good at and what I am passionate about, I should reach personal significance.

That is what this is all saying to me.

In the past I have tried to search for meaningful content first as the basis for my work, but what I should have been doing is letting meaningful content come from areas that I am passionate about. I am realizing that I have been getting it the wrong way round!

If I can allow content to come in this way and combine it with the skills that I like and am good at then I should be producing work that is indeed a true reflection of my inner self, which is what is important to me.

Realising that abstract, conceptual work can evolve from things that I am passionate about is a huge breakthrough for me.  It doesn’t have to start with very deep and meaningful world issues.

Also recognizing the fact that because I decide on a focus this week it doesn’t mean that I am tied into that forever.  It will probably run its course and may exhaust itself and lead to further ideas that I can develop. Or I can move to a totally different area.

Thinking, reading, writing; they are all building and helping me to emerge in a really positive way. Thank you everyone, I find the open, honest nature of the posts so reassuring and helpful and it helps me to realise that many of us have the same issues that we have to deal with.