Pat N.

Life got in the way again but I finished the lesson today. It took a lot of thinking to get thru it. Listening to Jane’s commentary on free association turned on a light for me. I had never consciously used my senses to help create art. I now have another tool. I normally create representational art but I think I can now create abstract art when it has meaning to me.

I have found when trying to understand the concepts Jane presents, I look up the specific words she uses in a dictionary. If I write the word down and then list single descriptive nouns after it, I understand better. Just a head trick for me! I do find I am scattered but becoming aware of what and why I do rather than just doing is helping me get back to designing and making art. I found myself designing a quilt on the way back from my PT visit and when I was walking this morning. I haven’t done that in many years. Mining Content reminds me of cooking. I find a recipe, gather all the ingredients, pots and utensils; assemble the dish, cook it and enjoy eating it.

I loved the Class 7 commentary. I realize now that my work is mine and I created it for me because it makes me happy. The design part is the most fun for me. Doing the actual stitching sometimes gets boring, mostly because in my design I over embellished it or created tedious design features. That is another thought to include in the design part of my work!