Rita H.

Once again, I took time today to trust the process and see where it leads me. Meaning writing for a long time.  And thank you again for guiding me to this point.  I did finally commit to a series. Now understanding that just because there are other projects I have been wanting to explore, this does not mean I won’t do them eventually. To commit to one series I see is going to be really helpful.  I decided to stick with the same photographic image, from the 1940’s, and interpret it several ways, all ways that I have been trying to figure out how to do, and now I will be able to focus on this and see where it takes me.  Writing is really helping me discern between visual elements and content, something I had never considered.  This is a great practice, one that I now can use over and over.  I am reading Sacred Contracts at Jane’s suggestion, and it is so amazing how it is running parallel to this class.  Another confirmation that this a different and authentic way to approach art. The explanation of how the chakras form an idea makes so much sense to me.  I can feel the emotions when this exact process happened in some of my pieces.  I have felt an idea just spring out of an experience, and it clings onto my mind like a pit bull.  And the feeling in my heart about “seeing” it before it is even started.  This has not happened often, but now I will be aware and wait for this process before talking about it, or committing to a show and “doing” work for that, instead of creating from my own mind, heart and voice.