Christine E.

I made my lists, sorted them, came up with some ideas, tried to work some of the ideas out and hit a wall. So I started again - refined lists, different sorting, more ideas. I suspect this will go through a few more iterations before I’m done. One thing I am noticing is that I relate more to the emotional or abstract ideas rather than the subject matter, although I don’t do abstract work. In my second pass at this I tried to sort out what emotions were invoked by each of my ideas for a series. Some were joyful, some sad, some both. It also struck me that an underlying theme in all of them is transience. (This may have something to do with me reading a book by the Dalai Lama right now too.) Whether the subject makes me happy or sad, it is a transient feeling. For example, I like flowers - the shy ones that hide under their leaves and bloom for such a short time. Their beauty is profound and short lived.  Sometimes it’s not even noticed and I would like to make work that makes them bold and big and noticeable. Another idea that came through in my thoughts are the invisible relationships in the natural world, the interdependency. These are ideas I feel I can work with but may encompass a great many subjects. More thinking is required. In the past when I’ve set out to create something quite specific, subject-wise, I usually get stuck or dissatisfied. I think if I focus on the feeling that I’m hoping to convey, I have more success. This has often been accidental so I hope to be more purposeful about it.