Christy G.

I worked on this lesson last week and then reviewed my words and worked through it again this week.  What I discovered:

  • I have no shortage of ideas.  
  • I have pages of ideas that all revolve around central issues that I care about - land use and water.
  • I have this pull of emotion inside me that is visceral when I write about these issues.
  • My struggle, as always, is the imagery. I fall back on tried and true, with a real internal desire to PUSH to explore new.  

In some ways, this was a too tied up in a bow exercise for me.  OR, I need to spend more time delving deeper in the list making.  I feel like I walked away with that same imagery, executed in the same way.  I have a few new ideas on how to push and stretch my techniques. I need to explore and play with how those may work out with the piece that I have been slowly engaging with.  I felt like all of the writing that I did was an action plan on how to start working without the mulling over and working it through in my head that I do on my runs, drives, etc. 

I feel complainy, but it is really an eye opening process.  Not stopping with the idea, but to stretch, pull, push and explore the WHY of that idea.  And I did do that with the piece that I am working with currently.  Wrote about why I was pulled to explore this place, the emotional pull and the reasons I am willing to spend time with it.  But, I feel like I am still lacking a list or stream of imagery words. And perhaps, I am being too hard on myself, and I should just keep working and exploring within the WHY of the idea.