Wendy D.

Thank you Jane for your "just in time" audio clips! They not only help to soothe the sense of 'being overwhelmed' but to motivate me to put head down (or head up!) and keep going. It is not so much the workload of the course! I am loving this journey very much! But we all experience life in, around, under, over and right through the middle of everything else.. so your audio clips have been very helpful in grounding me. Thank you!

The more time I have had to think about this week's essay and assignment... the more clarity came with it. Each step of this course has inched me closer to what I was seeking when I started. How to place a deeper sense of me in my work. It has been intense, discovering how much further I feel I have come over these weeks. It is not from doing the assignments and then feeling 'there, I got that'... it has been extremely subtle and finding a deeper sense of me in places that I have always been connected to but did not allow the time for it to be valued as how much it was a part of me. I have slowed down my sense of how I see the world. I have begun to take note of the emotions and feelings that come from an experienced moment.. and I have pondered how I can find a way to express those emotions and feelings through my finger tips and not allowing myself to be stuck or controlled by technique or materials or event the lack of time... It has truly been a transformative journey for me, often through some very demanding and difficult moments over the last many weeks. But coming back to my 'commitment' to this course, despite the additional demands, has allowed me to give back to me and replenish the well that has felt empty at times.

The following is what came from my reflection of week 7's assignment... not in any particular order or style... but as they spilled from my fingers onto the keyboard. I have also included  a couple of images that have thus far surfaced. I believe it is becoming distinctly, my work:

Into the mist…


A gentle call… 

Reaching, embracing, 

Searching for presence

Soothing, comforting… 


A beckoning

Promising a peace… 


A calming of the soul

Quieting of the mind

Soothing of the heart..


Shrouded in the grey

All edges, soft easing into the next…


Neutral, oblivion,nothingness

 Soft, caressing… alluring


If I melted into the mist..

Would I have existed at all…


  • Penetrating
  • Soul-searching
  • Invisible
  • Colourless
  • Equalizing
  • Dulling
  • Dissolving
  • Seeking
  • Wrapping
  • Encompassing
  • Embracing
  • Engulfing
  • Swirling
  • Blanketing
  • Pacifying
  • Invisible
  • Vanishing
  • Absorbing
  • Mystical



Leaving my trees behind


A part of my soul, my spirit.... In the mist


The cedar that holds my heart

The fragrance the softness, the giving and the hold

Prolific but vanishing


The waves… The tidal pull

The washing away

The  beginning anew

Leave a new place to start, to begin, to breathe


Through the shadow of the trees you call

The roar that deafens the voices

The numbs the emotions

That eases the pain…. 


The moon… My constance, my companion

My guardian of my soul…


Wild places…

I hear your call

I feel your pull

I should have stayed…


The snag..

Stalwart guardians of our past.. Our future..


The storm

The moss 

The salal…

The wind

The rocks…

The humming bird

The seagull

The eagle

The chickadee