Jane P.

I am just buzzing from having to spend time to write about a body of work.

So far there are endless lists which are beginning to focus my mind on the direction I seem to be going.

This week has been a very positive journey that is leading me to focus on where and how I am likely to go!

Where I live is full of inspiration and is a very creative town.

The North Kent Marshes, creeks/waterways the archaeology/history of the town, the ecology, industries, architecture, changing times, shops/markets, the church/abbey, and the people are just some of the interests here.

All will be interlinked and give a great opportunity to build a body of work on my relationship with the town I have lived in or around for the past 35 years.

The solidity of the town, in that some aspects have been there for centuries, others are new and the Neighborhood Plan for further development are all having a big influence. Perhaps the biggest is how to allow modernization of the town and area whilst protecting the vast history, architecture, traditions and countryside for future generations, without losing what most find makes this such a special, inspiring creative place.

For me the Marshes are very important . My background in biology and ecology play an important part in my understanding the habitat and the global importance of the sites. Also the are great thinking places and are lovely walks for the soul.

So this is as far as I focused on a body of new work so far this week.

I have endless spidergrams, word lists and free associations that are showing signs of coming together into a plan!

How exciting :)