Jen M.

Real life really kicked in this week, hence the very late response!

I used to be VERY obsessive! God help anyone who interrupted me, whilst I was focussing on something creative - actually, mainly sewing!! As well as not wanting to be interrupted, it was about getting whatever it was finished as quickly as I could...I just wanted it done.

This week I did do some sewing. Initially a top that didn't fit, but rather than having a melt down as I would have in the past, I shrugged my shoulders and realised that I should have trusted my gut instinct that the size wasn't right. I then remade the top in the correct size. 

Did I feel guilty that I wasn't in the garden? A bit, but I ended up with a top that I have wanted all summer and consistently put off making. It was another day but that's fine, as it allowed me to zone out of the other drama that had been playing out through the week.

I also created a machined cord, decorated with metallic thread, beads and charms (for my work keys) which was important for other reasons. Again, there were issues whilst making, but I persevered, became a little frustrated, but again didn't have a hissy fit. I also took a couple of days to finish it - again, this didn't stress me! 

The importance was there is an idea for a piece that has been in my head for probably 2-3 years. I have a box with pictures, pieces of wire and other stuff to help inspire what I want to create. It requires meters of machined cord and I have struggled with making cords this over time. The process over the weekend was about taking the time to think through the problems, rather than emotionally over react to the situation. It was also the understanding that this piece will be a slow piece and that's ok. There is no time limit, due date, it's about working through the process, the making.