Beverley S.






Keep working

Light bulb moment - I always work thinking about how long this item is taking to price it to fit in with exhibiton guidelines and the customer I have in mind. This will never strengthen my creativity . Throw  out that method, I need to find a new one.

Make time

I gave over a morning and using this photo, I created a layered, fabric and paper, then painted and stitched.

I cut that up into 9 smaller pieces. Then one of the nine in half.

Exploring. I like the idea. Not sure what to do next.......still thinking.

Really big or obsessive?

I work obsessive 

I want to also work big

Big scares the introvert in me but working obsessive keeps me from moving on, growing, unfurling.

Interesting thought;  big and obsessive - marrying the 2


This bugged me at first. I wrestled with it.

Then I decided to take time to go for a walk and record 100 steps of that walk

I then made a cloth using the memories. 

This is as far as I got, next I will begin to add stitch. 

It feels good to be working out.