Leslie B.

Obsessive!! Finally, this square peg belongs! I don't do large as well as I do obsessive. I love obsessive. I am a researcher and so enjoy the hunt. 

Taking time - Thank you for this Jane. In the past I have had others tell me to just get on with things ... When I still needed to process.  We all have our own pace. I am not a dawdler; I am very analytical and need to think about things. 

Having said that ... I do know that there is a fine line between analyzing and overthinking!!  At what point does researching and thinking become less instructive and more of an avoidance tactic? When it is no longer useful? Answer: When thinking is just rehashing and not progressing - and this is not something that can always be easily defined as an exact amt of time. This will be different. Every. Single. Time.

On a current piece, although working to a deadline (which does help but has its own issues, too), I am still allowing myself the needed a-ha moments and time for reflection/analysis at appropriate intervals as 'dictated by the piece'. This is making me very happy and pleased - A great place to be!

p.s. As I was sorting through papers this weekend, I came upon a printout of my "Earliest Memory of Cloth" and a list of words that came to mind or prompts that I had listed to describe my thoughts. I thought that having a print copy would be easier to find ... I re-read the paragraph and the list and was delighted  to have that tangible reference in my hands. It brought all sorts of memories and ideas flooding back. Hmmmm there might be something to this journaling!