Sharon P.

100 things

Saturday : I have made a body of work around the notion of 100 things before. I had an exhibition 16 years ago 100 Red Shoes|/#/red-shoes/ but forgot about using this notion ever again. I know I could have tried other exercises this week but this is what felt best when I got into the studio.

In looking around the studio for 100 things I found a jar of tiny shells I’d collected. But after counting and laying out, not so inspiring as I’d made a necklace a few weeks ago and felt like they were done with. I spied a small box that held triangles cut out of newspaper for a pieced coat I have been wanting to make for 20 years (still want to make it) I laid out the triangles and thought back to Trisha F’s work which I admired in week 4 (no scale and in black and white).

I then began cut out 100 black triangles but needed more card so hunted through the paper drawers. I found plenty of black but also some greys. Cut and laid these out like the newspaper ones.

As this was starting to look like a large piece of work I thought about how to incorporate this into the current body of work I am preparing? Mmmm

While looking for the black card, some print-outs (30) of a scallop shells I drew last year fell out. I scanned and printed more, and more, and more as I laid them out on the cutting table and rearranging them. I felt I was on to something here.

I traced the entire arrangement onto soluble fabric for a really large piece of lace – 2.4 x .8 metres – not the largest piece of lace I’ve made, but still pretty big and knowing it would take much time to make up. I had made plenty of time for working today so now I need to take time to make. I made a sample.

Sunday: Now I am ready to embroider the whole piece. Often with large and complex works I have to set a time framework – so many centimetres per week. I give myself 4-6 weeks to make this one; however, I finish full time work in 3 weeks - down to 1 day paid work per week. I have to build up the physical stamina to work on this. I’m really excited. Often I am tired after work but if I don’t really have to make decisions while making I can get on with things.

Tuesday: embroidering on the way. Today when chatting with a close friend (who I would like on the committee) as I articulated what I was doing I realised I was looking back and not really looking forward in creating entirely new work. This large piece really belongs in a sense behind me. I still think it is valid work and has great value. But I am now mindful of needing to perhaps go a little deeper within for further exploration.