Christy G.

I got behind a week on the lessons as I prepared and prepped for a weekend trip away with a friend.  It was a wonderful weekend to recharge that included a hefty amount of sewing.  

Though I want to negate the sewing as ‘not art’ or as lesser because it was not creating something important, I won’t allow myself to do that.  It was a wonderfully restorative weekend with the side benefit of creating a lovely gift for my daughter.  The gift also was a releasing of ‘need to/have to/don’t want to get to’ pile of t-shirts in the corner of my studio.  It was a beneficial to my studio, mental freedom and a to do item checked off.  I am certain that it would not have been accomplished in the same weekend at home. So now I ponder, how do I replicate the gift of time and honor it on a day to day basis without the luxury of no responsibilities?  

I’ve enjoyed rolling the work big, work obsessive or work thoughtfully around my head this week.   Thinking about where my art lands in each category, how to thoughtfully nudge myself to the more that I crave in my heart that sometimes lacks in execution.  The time in my studio feels so precious, like I have to ACCOMPLISH something or it is wasted time.  To work slowly, to let an idea play itself out over months instead of quickly sought hours, may be an answer that is easier to type than to live, but one worth diving deep within.