Christine E.

Taking Time - I think I do fairly well with this one, but I have been flipping back and forth between projects right now. I feel I should be getting on with UFOs but can’t decide where to take them. So, I took some time to think about what  creates a "wow" response for me.  

  • small things made larger than life - tiny flowers or other details done extra large - not necessarily big quilts - a 24" by 24" flower is pretty impressive 
  • 3D effects - I've always loved these and shapes that appear to jump out of a quilt or painting give me that wow feeling
  • Colours - creating a recognizable image in unrealistic colours that are still completely realistic somehow
  • Textures or the appearance of texture - something that looks like wood or stone from a distance and when you get up close it's fabric or thread

Last year I worked on 2 or 3 art quilts that I became obsessed with in one way or another. I didn't necessarily start them thinking this would happen, it just evolved that way. I got right into the process and spent as much time as I needed solving problems, replacing fabric that wasn’t working and “playing” until I felt it was “right”. The most obsessive one I did is a slightly larger than life portrait of my Mum based on an old photo. 

My goal this year is do at least 2 works in this same way. Things that mean something to me that I can become engrossed in. I don't know what they are yet as ideas are still percolating and I'm hoping this course will help me to get some clarity on where to go. In between, I'll keep sewing and experimenting,  stitching together scraps or making practical items or gifts for friends. My creative cross training includes a lot of writing this year too and maybe I'll get back to more frequent poetry writing which I've always loved. 

For my assignment project I've decided to make 59 leaves (or 60 if I'm still working on them when my birthday arrives in fall!) I traced some leaves last fall and have several ideas on what to do with them - not an obsession yet but maybe it will get there. The leaves I've made so far are made of organza, tulle and thread - I'm using water soluble stabilizer. There are many ways to do this and I've enough scope to experiment with various techniques. The only criteria are that they need to be light enough to blow in a breeze and somewhat see through. I plan to stitch them into strings and hang them in a window to move in the breeze. I'll do a few at a time until they're done. I also have some thoughts on giant, larger than life leaves, possibly with some 3D effects and interesting colours and textures!