Tjitske W.

Time is not much of an issue for me at the moment so I concentrated on big and obsessive/small.


This is unusual for me so I needed to overcome my resistance here. I decided to make things easier by tying a big brush onto a bamboo cane so I could not paint anything beautiful or precise. Also, once I had taken the precaution of putting plastic on the floor I dipped my brush into the paint, closed my eyes and just made a few marks, opened my eyes to see if I hadn't started painting the floor and repeated the process.  I could see that black would not be enough so I added some red dots in the same way. And when I had nearly finished I allowed myself to open my eyes and put the last red dots onto the paper in a completely deliberate way. All in all great fun! This piece is about 50x140 cm.


Next week I'll be 68 so it seemed the right moment to use the years of my life as a guideline for something obsessive. I decided to sew my life in French knots. To just start at birth and see where my 68 (or thereabouts, I was not too particular about counting) French knots would take me. I love French knots so in a way I was sad when I ran out of years, but it still felt right not to go on stitching. My stitches got me thinking about how I look back on those years, and this process is still going on. As to the stitching: after the French knots I felt it needed something else and that is when I started the small running stitches. My plan was to fill the whole of the fabric around the knots with running stitch, but I got bored and changed my plan. This piece is about 10x20 cm.

Later something interesting  occurred to me about boredom. When I worked as a psychologist boredom was something I struggled with at times. I might get bored during therapy and then I would struggle to keep my attention fixed on my client. Until I started to use my boredom as a tool, as a sign that the therapy process needed something different. And last night it occurred to me that this might well be the case with my textile work as well. I have now promised myself to take my boredom as a sign that a change of plan or direction may be needed.