Eva C.

learning to make and take time

this week my thinking centred around Big or Obsessive - both are issues for me in some way

why don't i work big?

uncertainties: have i an idea big enough to fill a large space? will i get bored part of the way through? what would i do with it? how will it be displayed?

i work smaller scale because that is completable (theoretically), i am less likely to lose interest, my work is mostly for me and i don't want anything big, basically i'm not comfortable with big and not confident enough to give it a go

i have done some pieces which are big by my own standards, and have always felt very satisfied that i followed through and completed them, i made a single bed sized quilt and my largest non-functional piece so far is boiler doiley which still hangs on the wall

i know i have a bit of a block on Big but don't really feel an urge to break through that one - i think i will when i need to.....?

obsessive is another matter - it' too similar to repetitive, my low boredom threshold cuts in and i just can't be bothered - that's why i don't do the reps and practice - it's probably my major block, patience has never been my strong point

but i know i can persist when i want to - when i am reclaiming fabrics or yarns there is often a lot of unpicking/unravelling involved - i amaze myself at the patience with which i keep nibbling away at this sort of task, it might seem destructive but in the end it will create - most of my stitching is now handstitch, i love the soothing rhythm of repeating a stitch, the feel of the stitches building on the cloth in my hands, the effect they have on the surface of the fabric - one of my favourite pieces was lovingly stitched with (mostly) one stitch, worked in different sizes and colours, building up pattern and texture

i know why i struggle with Big and Obsessive and that doing the reps is what i need to do - it's something i am trying to tackle during this course - a couple of weeks back i made myself go back and do more expanded squares, with the secondary aim of using some for print screen designs and using them - i feel this fits with this weeks assignment to re-use something - i am making progress, albeit slowly due to my broken wrist and recent cold - but today i managed a trial run with my screens - the prints are still wet so no pics

i've also made a point of going back and writing more about lesson 4 but need to get to grip with doing the reps ..... i know it makes me feel good when i do

NB - sorry no pics but i put in links to the pieces i referred to, do take a look