Pam L.

Making time - Taking time 

Taking time and allowing! is my hardest lesson.  But at least I know I am facing it.  Painful. 

And then - maybe because I couldn't resolve the dichotomy of this week's assignment, I got mad.  (I don't get mad very often - please, my apologies in advance for this sketch:)

(Maybe  I should have also added "Don't Flail!")

Side Note: While I struggled with another large piece elephant in my room this week, I received Sacred Contracts from an Amazon seller ($5!).  THAT journey has now begun. Whew. Going to be an interesting journey.

Back to obsessive or really big: Went to visit a friend in 19 degree Boston recently.  It was glorious, and pure play time for me. Brought my guitar, we ate well, and I was also given specific instruction to paint something on her dining table. To be PART of the table top.  To stay there. Yikes.

Had no idea how to get that brave, so I took the paper plates she had brought forth for use for paint palettes. And painted on those. Got me outta my head. Fun. Later that day I was able to find inspiration and energy to paint an abstract study of our favorite rocky beach on her table. And it just fell out. No stressing.  Easy. Really??? Anyway. Back to the paper plates. I brought them home.

Big or really obsessive? Yeah I long to easily make large work.  A couple of times I have pulled that off, but mostly I think I am more easily sucked into obsessive. Especially when I get caught up into making texture with the machine stitching. (So... Because I was still in an internal argument for several days on this, diverted back to paper plates, TODAY.)

First attempt to compose with paint bits... Back to symmetrical. Rigid. Don't like it.

Then, Framed two details that I liked. Put them into an iPad app to garner more ideas. 

Detail 1: Chosen because I liked the white negative space... 

And ensuing photo manipulations:

Detail 2: just because.  hmmm. (And - what about LARGE??)

fun to play with. Gets me out of "MAD/Angry". 

With manipulations: 

I am trying against my "nature" to TAKE THE TIME"...