Nancy N.

Making Time

I’ve always viewed working on my art as a leisure activity, something to be done while doing something else such as chatting or watching a movie. I’m a big fan of multi-tasking. 

Resolve #1:  Overcome those two views of working on art — or adapt them to something more productive. Until recently, I had never put an art project on my to-do list. Now, I’ve divided my list into two columns — work/home tasks and art projects. That’s validating my art. Not that I always accomplish everything on the list, but I do review it every few days. I like progress, and I like crossing things off the list.

At the top of my to-do list is a giant header containing quotations that I like to revisit. They make me question my priorities, and now that my family obligations are minimal, they urge me to question myself and my art. 

“… she chose duty and responsibility to everyone but herself.”

"I can choose what i do, but i can't choose what i LIKE to do."

“… as most women live their days in repetitious cycles of quiet tasks.”

Resolve #2:  View those three quotes as a stimulus to MAKE more time for MAKING.

Taking Time

“… encourage yourself to take time to maintain the connection between who you are and what you want to make.” Jane D.

I am currently stitching a photograph of the Scottish highlands which I printed on silk. A cherub and bird will be appliquéd onto the main photo. It is five inches square — so I am not working big. I planned the size, the subject, and the fabric. Unplanned is how to stitch it. 

I pick it up, hold the needle, and begin to stitch. I don’t want to plan this part — though my subconscious is probably working on it all the time. It is very important to me that the stitching component of the piece is spontaneous. I think this is the very direct connection between who I am and what I make.

Wondering — Looking for Feedback

1.  If I make art for myself, what is the value of entering juried shows?

2.  Most juried shows are judged by digital image, so all images are about the same size. Does this change the dynamic of how jurors view what they are judging?