Kaylene M.

The WOW factor is something that chased me around for awhile and then I received great advice from my late husband who said "you only have to please yourself, if you like it it is great". But the striving for WOW does sometimes makes it's presence felt especially when you decide to enter an exhibition, but I still go back to Henk's wise words.

Size is something that I have always kept under control, I said "no large quilts for me" but now I have a mentor urging me to design a larger piece that could drape from the ceiling, apart of me shrivels up at the thought of all the dyeing or monoprinting and stitching (hand) to go into 5 pieces, but then the WOW factor steps in and I can visualize the effect.

For the exercise I took my age and sewed 70 small hand-dyed woolen scraps to an old blanket.