Janis D.

 Limitations and Scale

I must be syncing up with you unconsciously Jane because it can’t just be another coincidence!  This morning I woke up at about 3:30 from a dream of a piece of artwork I could envision whole.  And it was a large piece using small bits of gleaming metal.  So I drew it on the sketchbook I keep in my night table, noting that I might use soda and beer cans and maybe, finally, a huge bag of bottle caps that I’ve been hanging onto.  Glad I didn’t give them away yesterday! Now, it’s 12:15 ish and I just clicked on the El Anatsui link!  I know what I’ll be starting! My piece in my mind doesn’t look anything like his but this was a treat!

 Lately, I’ve been working on something I’d call somewhat obsessive, more so than I care to do a lot of!   I blogged about it here: https://turtlemoonimpressions.wordpress.com/blog/ 

That’s definitely not the direction I want to be moving in.  Instead, today I started working big…well bigger than usual for me…about 45 x 60, maybe. I didn’t get very far on it today but I’m thinking it through in my head, auditioning fabrics and I’m working up some photos to use.

I’ve been forcing myself to do morning pages and I’m beginning to see how this practice can actually help move me along in terms of getting me more in touch with myself and helping to get clearer about what I want to do. I’ve been jotting down notes on the direction I want to go in.  Some of the words that turn up are essence, abstraction, clean.  But I also love the decorative and the beauty of things. 

I’m thinking that both limitations and scale could work very well toward accomplishing some of my goals. So I started with a limited set of large color blocks but when it came to choosing the imagery/content, I started right away repeating bad habits and vacillating between one and then another and so on, when my first “click” was heard (who remembers that reference?).  OK – set and stick with limits!  Go with the first choice. 

 If I want to make another piece with other images that’s what will happen but right now I’m sticking to the first idea of images that impart the feel of summer that I get from the yellow, blue and white colors I began with. So, I took the first image and played with it and came up with this: 

I’ll stay on this course and I’m not quite sure how big I want it to be but my space is limited and so are my funds and I’m planning on sending these off to Spoonflower.  I did an experimental batch about 6 weeks ago and loved what I received. 

I feel like I’m off to a good start here and am feeling more confident in what I’m doing. I think I’m letting go of my own inner critic – myself! Morning pages are working! I’m also re-reading The Artist’s Way.