Jackie K.

Well this week’s lesson has been a WOW.

Perfect in content and timing for me.

The “take time, don't hurry good work, putting heart in” chimes so much. Currently I am working on old photos, old fabrics, family memories and bringing into the now. Plus experimenting with digitizing old photos. On a course which I am supposed to produce something for by June but this feels like a much longer project.....so I will make something but it will actually be just part of the continuum of playing with the subject. So no deadline mentally.....my ideas and thoughts are slowly developing and will continue to long after June.

And the WOW of big - yes I remember that with Dorothy Caldwell piece at the Festival of Quilts a couple of years ago.

So what can I do big now? I do quilts which can be big but in my play with my subject I am looking at these old photos. They have been about 4 inches digitized ...so I thought why not go as big as I can. I digitize on software and the limit on size is how big a hoop my machine can deal with…. So I enlarged - keeping stitch number the same which anyone who knows about this will know made stitches bigger and less dense............and WOW. Fantastic. I have attached some images of a number of the samples on a board. Still just playing and SO many ideas now buzzing in my head – backgrounds; colours; part images; mixing images……lots of play with but the size is a leap forward.

And another WOW if this week. A challenging incident at work (which is part time but v intense and not textile related) so emotionally tired. Had not felt I had the energy to emotionally engage with developing textile ideas - did some quilting of a Linus quilt - just stitching is therapeutic. But then read this lesson - and it emotionally freed me to get going again. It is fine just to go and be with my ideas samples and so on (right there ready after last week’s tidy up!) and just be with it and see what happens......and it worked.