Debbie E.

Making work distinctive

I have written so much down for week 7 of the course, it is fascinating reading and thinking about what makes work distinctive and what matters to me.

I was on a screenprinting course and people were saying oh you keep doing lines but I realise now I love lines, and this is me. I love fabric dyeing in so many different ways.

For the first time ever I have written so much down and have ideas and can also see this visually and it is all coming together with what I love being nature, feet walking on the earth, breathing in and views. We have been walking the south west coastal path in the UK and I wrote down the following

  • Walking coastal path
  • Views
  • Breathing in the air
  • See for mikes
  • Colours
  • Ever changing landscape
  • Shade of woods on a hot day
  • Dipping feet on the beach and lunch and a read of a book
  • Happiness, sun of your body
  • Feeling free and at ease
  • Huge sky
  • Sunsets
  • Warmth from the sand on your feet
  • Texture of grass through your fingers
  • Footprint on the earth
  • Tides
  • Rhythm of the waves
  • Sounds of birds
  • Tide changing
  • Patterns of waves

This then gave me visions of particular places and colours

  • Salcombe beaches and harbour
  • Start point lighthouse
  • Blues and greens
  • Shady trees 
  • Stunning beaches
  • Hills
  • Worn path from people enjoying it
  • Angle of the trees where the wind blows
  • I love it when we walk in Devon and go under trees that converge together from both sides and you get beautiful shapes

Would love somehow to capture this in my work using skills I have listed that I am better at. Knowing this is a huge love of mine I can feel this inside and want to work with it.