Karol K.

Yesterday, I spent some time on a four hour ride to be with our children for Thanksgiving reading through Lesson seven and brainstorming my next series.  I had a hard time narrowing it down because there are several themes and materials and methods I want to work with.  I am still not 100% sure what to focus on, but I do see the value of distilling the ideas and getting down to one area of concentration.  I rejected some themes because they are not “important” enough, even though they are of interest to me.  Like feet.  We stopped at a rest area, and I was intrigued by the footgear of many of the passersby.  So what is visually delightful to me, may not carry a meaningful message, and would probably not sell, and will just get added to the pile on the guest room bed.

I also considered what it might take to get the ‘tools’ needed for a particular area of focus.  I am interested in architectural details of old buildings, but I don’t travel much, so it would be tough to acquire reference images to work with.  Whine, whine, I want to go to Paris.

Also finding it challenging to steer away from what I have been doing because it’s what I love doing.  But realizing that I want to grow.

Anyway, I feel like we have gotten to the most important part of the class, and I am enjoying searching for the next great plan!