Sue K.

In the past two weeks, a lot of life happened and more or less put a stop to any studio time. However, during this time I have made progress putting my studio back together, and within a week or so it will again be usable. While doing other things, for other people (gladly, I should say) I have done a lot of thinking about ideas that I have been collecting and recording during this course and before. In September, on my “mining for content” list, I had made a note to “go back here later” so I did, and I revisited other entries in my notebook. I noticed that I had visually emphasized certain ideas in my lists and labeled some of them as “persistent notions”. I have determined to start with these ideas, in planning my next projects.

The persistent notions are LAND FORMS, GEOLOGY and GEOGRAPHY, related topics that are fertile ground for exploration, so to speak. I am looking forward to doing some free-association exercises that will help me flesh out these possibilities, and help me focus on a theme...I have to start somewhere, and this seems to be a good place. I will make another list of ideas I’ve had for methods to express my inner visions. I plan a series of studies, small pieces that explore the subject matter and processes. This will be my next order of business, and I have promised myself the time to do it - as soon as I get my space re-organized and the holiday is behind me!

I hope that all this will bring me some insight into how to make my work distinctive.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, if that is in your immediate future as it is in mine.