Carla D.

This lesson really hit home.  I have done a lot of writing and thinking this week and it has been good.  The sentence:  WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING?  keeps circling around in my head and won't leave me alone which is also good.  I know that when it stops circling, what I need to do will become clear.  It's already beginning to emerge.  I pulled out a book that I read way back in the 70"s, The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn in which he wrote:"Art has its roots in real life".  Reading that brought me back to the question: What is important to you? 

I went to an art opening this week to see a Surface Design Assoc. traveling show.  The work was wonderful but the best thingwas seeing a person who I had known and respected way back in the mid nineties.  I was able to see two pieces of her new work and I was brought right back to lesson seven and that word FOCUS.  It was evident to me that focus is a real must as is making art from your heart.  When I look back on the work I was doing twenty years ago, I see a pattern and what was important then, still is. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about making art again.