Vernon S.


The process of  making is not

to be undertaken lightly

no matter what the stars can or cannot foretell

when jupiter aligns with any other ARCHETYPE

pay close attention 

for big things are afoot;

his influence is generally positive, but remember there can be too much of a good thing;

with juno or Ceres (Mother Earth) 

it can be a struggle to maintain control as is often the case where the ardfhetypes are natural allies;

with Mars there may be pain;

don't let the voices of the Committee tell you that there is no gain weithout pain, it is simply not true;

with Venus/Aphrodite you may become infatuated;

don't let anyone tell you that it is a natural result of the process for you to have a donkey's ears;

with Neptune be aware of illisionsand mirages or bgelieve anyone who tells you that Dali painted reality

with Mercury you may finddyourself at a crossroades pay no attention to the person behind the green velvet drapes aas

there may be deception nin the works, as Hermes despite his admomitiom, "ss above, so below," is also the patron of thieves;

with saturn beware of structural flaws and harsh criticism

with Apollo, follow  the rules, do not stray too far from the path;

with Uranus, inspiration comes from out of nowhere;

he is the patron of genius 

with pluto you may descend into depression, but all will not be lost as you can follow orpheus back to a happier place;

with Dionysius, there are no rules, and

you may become intoxicated

and lose sight of your goals

with Diana there may be a period of sterility but be aware that she is the patron of new ideas as her many breasts are a promise of rebirth

but the best advice is to listen to that small voice called Hope, when Pandora opens her box' 

heed this warning above all others, and you will want to throw caution to the winds; 

when you hear the lilting tones of his pipes; do not follow Pan into the woods.