Michele K.

As it was suggested in this assignment, I have taken time to think of what was important for me. I have made lists of words and chosen some words that were important or recurring and wrote more lists. Some more precise explorations are in front of me.

I have to work now on the visual elements I could associate with my words. For the moment, colour association seems to me more evident than image association. But it will come.

This method of work is interesting. It will require time to take roots but the main thing at the moment for me is that it allows me to push forward my idea. I am accumulating elements, I don't know what I will use, but I am happy not to stay stuck.

When I started patchwork 20 years ago, I didn't go for traditional patchwork. I got bits of piece of any material, often chosen because of their colours, and started to joined them, just for the pleasure of finding an accordance that was pleasing for me.

After a while, I started to give a title to each piece, but gave a title only after the piece was finished. I started to look for a meaning in my work and in a way, it was the end of the pleasure of spontaneity for me ...

It's a long time now that I am trying to translate ideas or sensations in some artistic realisation.

I went through various phases, not liking anymore what I used to make spontaneously but not liking either what I was trying to make, and not knowing which way to take.
For about 2 years now, I am thinking that I am loosing myself, and wasting my time, being in the middle of too many informations, books, techniques more or less acquired. I want to work in a more fruitful way.

What is important for me is to bring to the surface something inside me, a way of seeing things or events, a way of feeling, which are underneath, and to realise that in a way that is satisfying for me.
One very important word for me in that lesson is the word "focusing". Focusing seems difficult to me, and I need to increase my ability to concentrate on a subject.

So, here I am now, happy to be helped to experiment that type of work , having the sensation that things might find their place little by little, but still not really knowing where I go.