Vernon S.



  Question of the spirit often arise

  In the internal, infernal dialogue

  A conversation within us

  That we believe is inaccessible

  to anyone else

  because  it is unspoken            

  we also possess another sense

  that is unnamed exists;

  some call it knowing;

  others call it nonsense

  but everyday we are surprised

  when we suddenly know

  what was never spoken or predicted.

  it is more than intuition,

  but we are loathe to admit

  its existence for fear of ridicule;

  but we welcome it when it appears

  because with it we survive

  without we might be lost

  it is a part of us, not something alien    

  and if we embrace it, 

  we become one with that 

  which is not and we receive

  answers to questions

  we dare not ask

  and as we make our path through

  this life we learn of the mistakes

  of a long distant past

  and we hope not to repeat them

  such is the nature of karma

  it shows no preferences

  plays no favorites

  makes no deals

  it is your karma

  and yours alone.

  Get to know it,

  it knows you.

  You can pay it all at once

  if  you follow the path of a Boddhisatva.