Vernon S.



    The kiss I desired

    came swiftly yet hesitant;

    Lips touched mine sweetly

    as love that would not be was borne

    by the pressure of lip on lip

    and I wanted more,

    but it was over almost as soon

    as it began, and as we saw

    each deep into the other

    we were gripped by a fear

    unknown, one which remains

    unexplained even, years after

    and though I yearn

    to return to that moment

    that I may savor that sweetness

    just once more, yet I know that cannot .be

    All that remains is an imperfect memory

    And I am thankful for any sense

    a touch, a smile, a brief glimpse

    that will make it live once more;

    And I want to disbelieve what

    I know to be true;

    that nothing remains,

    perhaps it was only a rumor.