Vernon S.



    The spark of  the divine, dwells within all

    Yes, even in you, despite your denial,

    But trust is required before it can

    take its seat in the diamond  which lies 

    In the fertile crescent, in the fecund chambers

    of your heart, which de leon called sephiroth

    and others call chakras.


    There is but one god, but her names are many    

    And just as there  is a Garden, called Eden

    where your soul is conceived;

    there is another garden called Gethsemene

    Wherein it's measure is taken,

    in preparation for the final ascent

    of  the hill called Golgatha.


    In each garden there is a tree

    Some call it the tree of life,

    and some say  it is the tree of  knowledge

    while  still others say the tree of sacrifice

    where All Farther hangs upside down                

    And an other is transformed.


    And at Eleusis an ear of corn is  elevated,

`    And worshippers fall into a trance ,

    from which they emerge refreshed and renewed.

    And some would call this poet apostate,

    But  like the butterfly, he just is.

    And dancing with Shiva ends the slavery.

    of  ignorance, and  I am content 

    "to find splendor in the grass

    and glory in the flower."