Maria S.

Making Distinctive Work

First of all I found Jane's description of the manifestation of ideas very interesting.  It really hit home.  A good idea is nothing without heart/ passion.  And then committing to it by speaking about it.  I also could relate to the over talking about an idea and ruining it.  This has happened to me too.  Good words.

Next, I did a bit of mining for content.  Well, I actually have a main theme that I have been working to for about 4 years.  It has to do with people, the portrait and emotion.  But lately I have hit a point where I feel it's not working anymore and I need to restart.  So I made lists.  What do I care about, etc.  Surprisingly, I found that I am still very interested in my theme of people/portrait/emotion.  From this starting point, I again did some mind mapping and came up with enough ideas for maybe 4 more series.  I am happy about that.  I've usually been able to come up with an idea by writing about it.

I think my big problem, especially lately, has been the doing.  I believe I could find a way to work out these ideas if I had more time.  As you said, Jane, and I've heard this over and over, you have to make many to have one special piece.  By doing many pieces, I hope I will figure out how to portray my portraits!  So I will have to engage my rebel to find some more time to get me on my way.  In the meantime when I have only one hour, I will do my daily portrait practice.  If there is no time for anything else, then at least that.