Linda E.

This has been quite a week of hard thinking. Over the past couple of weeks as I have tried to slow down and contemplate, and keep up with class.  I have felt that I needed longer in between assignments. Then I really thought about that and I realized that the longer I have, the longer I wait to actually make decisions and move forward. Sometimes you just have to get going.

I have worked through the feedback from the last assignment. Jane, you were so right to identify the shadow rebel at work when I just wanted to play my way through my work. I always struggle with this as a solution and now am trying to make myself a clear plan of not only composition but which tools to use or not.

I have taken the assignment this week pretty seriously. I have wanted to do a salmon piece for a long time. The last time I did one it was more of an art quilt and I have moved beyond that in some ways. I cut out some small herring in mylar but I am feeling like I want more realism.

I am struggling with how to present my ideas. I love the format of art cloths.

The building of layers speaks to me and the results are very artistic. I struggle with the fact that I love to machine stitch my work and find it difficult to do when trying to keep a piece flat and fluid. I have made an long art cloth that I backed with a second piece of cotton (adhering with spray adhesive) and this allowed me to stitch quite a bit but it was difficult because of the tension too much adds, making it necessary to stitch evenly over the entire surface to allow it to hang properly.

I am stuck now because I want two things.

I want transparency and detail. I was thinking a photo transfer on silk layered over cotton cloth. The cotton cloth would have the  images and stitching. I am even thinking they should hang separately, one in front of the other maybe one inch apart. But would it be worth doing lots of work on the bottom piece, would it show through?

I want it to be large and  I would need to have the image printed somewhere and not sure where. I have some great photos of kelp I would love on the top layer with the fish on the cotton layer. I think Spoonflower could be an option. 

I was also thinking a photo silkscreened fish image  would be great but need to source out a place to do this for me. These two things stop me and have in the past. I am thinking they are the correct means to produce what I am visualizing. I want some realism but also some mystery.

At this point, wondering if I should be trying to make a small sample with an image I print on my home printer on Extravorganza and cotton underneath. But I never work well small.

I think I am stuck because I am somewhat confused about my finished product, how to finish it, how it should hang. I have solved my problem in the past by stretching over a wooden frame like a canvas painting because I like the more professional look.

I feel like I am at some kind of cross road because I am finding I don't want an art quilt look. I feel it sounds like I am just waffling, but I am truly unsure of how to get to the next level for myself.