Ann K.

Part 1

What do I care about?

Lately it’s all about women. The politics of being a minority in the tech industry (I’m a software engineer by day and the industry is 10% female.) Thinking about the legacy of my maternal grandmother, now that I have been combing through her estate. All the strong and wonderful women in my circles -- roller derby girls, aerialists, musicians, scientists, volunteers. My friends who are starting their own businesses and thriving despite the obstacles. I have a few art ideas in the works, and I think it would be great to bring a feminist perspective into my work. (Some of these ideas I’m going to keep working on myself myself per Jane’s advice)

    As part of my quickly approaching goal of performing in the dance showcase, I’ve been learning how to do stage makeup so I can create my own looks. This lead into practicing on other friends, and I’ve been really loving it. I feel like the skills I’ve learned from drawing and painting actually translate pretty well into stage makeup, as the goal is to accentuate the highlights and contours of the face. It’s just pushing and pulling the lights and darks, like back in art class. Here's some I did on my friend this week:

    I was talking with my dental hygienist about my new makeup hobby, who asked if I was ever interested in doing bridal makeup. I actually am glad she asked, because it helped me clarify my direction. Thus far I’m much more drawn to the dramatic, bold, and sometimes punky makeup. Not necessarily pretty or even traditionally appealing. I actually have a few exciting people to practice on this week. Monday night I have a bass guitarist playing a show, and Saturday I’m doing a roller derby girl. 

    Lastly, I’m still working on my dance routine as much as my body can handle. I’m also dying my own costume, and have been sketching out some color combos to go with the makeup I want to do. (Yes, it’s not a lot of clothing, but this particular apparatus requires skin to stick to the pole so you can climb and do tricks). I’ll dye it this week.