Mirjam A.

It has been a revealing way of understanding the process of art through the explanations by Caroline Myss and Jane’s way of demystifying this language.

I have always felt this but never had words to describe it, this week seven workshop will need to be calmly revisited at the end of this course.  In fact the whole course is going to be revisited from week one to the last week and backwards for my benefit.  It is like “having a very big meal” and now the digesting period, a period of consolidation and insight.


This artwork has been created as described by Caroline Myss through the process of the Chakras, head, heart, throat and working it through into manifestation.  Growth within my work I could never explain to myself or others.


Often I do not have a story but feel the beauty of my work [as I see it].  It fits or it does not fit within the space allocated composition.


Now there is an opportunity to grow a more conscious way of working and that is my aim and the gift of workshop seven.  There is an ever-learning enrichment that leads to further development, I cannot ask for more.